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Two Wrong Ideas About Polished Concrete Floors

Despite plenty of information to the in contrast in the marketplace, two incorrect ideas about Polished concrete flooring. The reduced cost and relatively zeroes-maintenance of polished concrete has catalyzed increasing popularity to use them instead of solid wood or tile. A properlymaintained, thepolished concrete floor can last over a century.

Why cleaning Polished Concrete Floors

The persistent shine of polished cement makes people feel that it does not need regular cleaning or maintenance. That is not true; the Concrete flooring surfaces get dirty from daily use. People and pets or animals drag in dirt, mud, and sand. These impurities will slowly deteriorate the stand out of the floor by scratching and milling away at the surface. To keep the floor in suggestion-good shape, it must be cleaned consistently like any other floor. A Polished cement floor should be swept and mopped at least one time a week to keep up its appearance. Sweeping the ground will remove the large pollutants that scrape at the top of thefloor. Mopping the ground will remove all the very tiny pollutants and keep carefully the shine of the groundintact.

Despite plenty of information to the in contrast in the marketplace, two incorrect ideas about Polished concrete flooring surfaces persist:

  • Polished concrete floor surfaces do not need regular maintenance cleaning.
  • If you do clean your Polished concrete surfaces, any old cleaner can do.

Let’s take number 1 first ~ it is the easiest.

Everything gets filthy. Dirt monitored in from exterior needs to be swept up. If left onto the floor, the little grains of dirt act like sandpaper to degrade the shine.

In the sense that it requires regular cleaning, a floor is not any different from your dog, a kid, you, a gun, a car, your teeth or anything else. Everything gets dusty. Everything needs regular maintenance cleaning.

Polished concrete flooring must regularly be cleaned to keep their appearance — whether they look like they need cleaning or not — to get up tiny levels of dirt, particles, grease and other impurities before they build up enough to degrade the floor’s appearance.

Please note in the photo how clean and shiny the floor already looks. That is the magic formula for effective maintenance ~ not enabling the ground get dreary or dirty to commence with.

That will take us to misconception #2 — that any old cleaner will do.

Any old cleaner will not do. Cleaners that are acidic can harm the cement. Harsh chemicals designed for cleaning waxed concreteflooring surfaces can eat away at surface protection treatments. You can find filtersin the marketplace explicitly made for polished concrete surfaces. Using them following manufacturer’s instructions will prevent many problems from taking place to get started with.

“Following manufacturer’s instructions” is merely as necessary as using the right cleaner. For instance, not diluting a cleaner properly with drinking water can leave a haze on the floor.

Utilize the right products the proper way,and you will count on Polished concrete surfaces that keep their sparkle before thebuilding is abandoned or damaged. Moreover, which includes no stripping, waxing, swapping or landfilling.

Of course, you also need an excellent spill-remediation program in place. Regularly slated maintenance cleaning is not enough to rescue floor surfaces from spills. Spills must be washed up right away. Drink and food, especially can destroy a polished floor’s shine, especially if it is acidic, like soda pop, orange drink, or milk (yes, milk – lactic acid solution).

Moreover, there’s a right way and incorrect way to eliminate spills. However,that is another history.Let’s help you in CHOOSING YOUR FLOORING.

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